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It's the Creative Crawley Festival Week

The festival starts on Friday. There are things to do, watch and listen to.

Here are a few suggestions:

To do: Lockdown Made Me - creative writing workshops

The team were planning to work face to face with teenagers in Crawley before Lockdown 3 struck. Instead, they've adapted the sessions and filmed them so they are available to all. Need some home schooling inspiration? Look no further.

Join festival lead artist Sinead and local spoken work artist Woodzy for three online workshops. They will help you write your views from lockdown through a series of creative games and ideas to help you develop your poetry, lyricism and creative writing. If you submit your writing by Weds 27th January you have a chance of being in the festival too. ACCESS ALL THE WORKSHOPS HERE To watch:

No Need to Hug to Show the Love by CCYS 6pm Fri 29 Jan Since March 2020 the young people at Crawley Community Youth Services (CCYS) have been designing graffiti walls, making EPs and generally being creative. This films gives an insight into what they’ve been up to. To listen to: People's Pathways by LPK Learning, Sinead Emery and Quiet Boy

Been wondering what everyone else has been up to on their daily walks? Hear stories of local people and take a trip with our People's Pathways audio journeys…. Pop your headphones on and enjoy…

Festival Lead Artist, Sinead Emery, has been working with members of LPK Learning’s Health & Wellbeing group and with sound artist Quiet Boy has created a series of soundscapes for you to listen to in your own time.

From 29th January you can download the specially commissioned audio journeys. They will be available on Spotify and other popular podcast platforms.

There is lots more to take part in, watch, listen and discover in the festival. Check out the whole programme here. And don't forget the Festival Finale on Sat 30th Jan at 7.30pm, where you'll get a whistle-stop tour of stuff that's been on in the festival and witness some new material from artists including the premiere of the Lockdown Looking Glass film. You'll also have a chance to find out what next for Creative Crawley in a special live streamed event.


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