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Join us as Crawley's historic High Street hosts a small but enchanting free event, offering a tiny taste of Steampunk's wonders!


11 May 2024, 12noon - 9pm on Crawley's Historic High Street

Step into a world where gears whir, steam hisses, and imagination takes flight! Embark on a tantalising dip into the genre's rich tapestry. This pilot event is a beautiful test of appetite for more Steampunk adventures with our local town centre businesses.

- Historic High Street from 12noon - 9pm

- Crawley Museum 11am – 4pm


Delight in family-friendly activities at Crawley Museum, sip on G&Tea at the Old Punch Bowl (over 18s only), enjoy Victorian games at the Brewery Shades and head over to Something Wiccan in Church Walk for Steampunk merchandise.


Music, magic, entertainment, and a captivating mechanical dragon adds to the fun throughout the afternoon.


Excited roaring applause as we are joined late afternoon by steampunk specialists, Professor Elemental and Rapscallion into the early evening, bringing splendid merriment by music in The Well outside Brewery Shades, captivating audiences with their unique blend of entertainment.


Don your finest gears and goggles – and head to the High Street. Adventure awaits!

SPECIALS PROMOTIONS from town centre businesses.

Download the App SHOPPER PERKS for exclusive, local retail and hospitality offers across the town. 


A Flavour of Steampunk, specifically designed for Crawley’s historic High Street, is supported by Pop Up Culture Crawley

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Professor Elemental Creative Workshop

1.30pm – 2.30pm at Crawley Museum

In this one hour workshop the Professor will explore the wonderful world of making your own songs and stories from scratch. 

Professor Elemental is not your average rapper. He’s a comic book loving nerd, who wear a ridiculous hat and raps about cups of tea and having an orangutan for a butler.


Still, somehow he’s managed to make a living out of making music, writing books and performing shows all over the world. Even better, he’s been using stories and songs to express his feelings about mental health, identity, positivity and activism. All while wearing a ridiculous hat.


In this one hour workshop, 1.30-2.30pm on Saturday 11 May 2024, the Professor will explore the wonderful world of making your own songs and stories from scratch.


We’ll explore ways to use your imagination as a tool to say what you want to say- whether you want to share it with the world, or just create something for you to enjoy.

We’ll talk about the fun to be had with a secret identity. We’ll make up a rap which unlocks the secret to storytelling. We might discuss which animals would make the best butlers* (*usually the ones that look good in a smart waistcoat). It will be a lot of fun See you there. Splendid.


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TravelBy Bus - Metrobus alight at Crawley Bus Station


By Train - National Rail (CRW) alight at Crawley Station, Station Way, RH10 1JA


By Car - Car Parking

Saturday & Sunday All Day Fee (Open 24-7)

£2.20 - Town Hall, Exchange Road, RH10 1UZ – coins/cards/contactless


£2.20 - Orchard Street, RH11 7AE (£4 - Orchard St surface (accessible) - coins/cards/contactless


£2.50 - Kingsgate, Queensway. RH10 1EN – card/contactless only

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