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Crawley town centre maps updated

Seventeen maps in the town centre have been updated to include the businesses, services and retailers that have moved into Crawley since 2018.

The installation of the new maps and artwork on the existing totem signage represents the ever-changing landscape of the town centre.

The updates can be found at:

  • The Broadway

  • The Boulevard

  • Library

  • Train Station

  • Friary Way

  • Historic High Street x3

  • Memorial Gardens x5

  • The Pavement

  • Queens Square x2

  • Queensway

The totems form part of the Town Centre Signage and Wayfinding Strategy, which includes a number of fingerpost signs and a heritage sign located in the Historic High Street.

Councillor Atif Nawaz, Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development, Crawley Borough Council said:

"The signs were created so we would be able to update the map artwork easily. The updates that have now been installed will help residents and visitors find their way around the town centre, increase the visibility of key town centre areas and improve connectivity to out of town attractions for both visitors and residents."


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