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We could be looking for you!

Crawley Town Centre BID is constantly looking for new ways to promote the Town Centre and support levy payers within the Crawley Town Centre BID area.

If you can work 15 hours a week providing social media management, website management and content, liaise with business across the Town Centre, design and oversee printed materials, create and design monthly e-bulletins and a quarterly magazine, deliver video content, create press releases, we want to hear from you.

Please provide a detailed costed proposal to by 11 February 2022.

Engaging, imaginative and most importantly local are our criteria, we always strive to provide the very best value for money for our levy payers and all the businesses within the Town Centre; that does mean that priority will be given to applicants in the BID Area and then secondly in the Crawley area.

Crawley Town Centre BID.


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