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Traffic light upgrades ahead for Southgate Avenue, Crawley

Obsolete traffic lights will soon be replaced with new, more reliable and energy-efficient equipment at three junctions and a bus gate in Southgate Avenue, Crawley.

The improvement works include:

  • Using LED technology to improve the traffic lights’ reliability, reduce maintenance and save energy and running costs;

  • Updating the control software to give buses priority and react to vehicle movements in real time, helping traffic flow;

  • Renewing all “tactile paving” on the approaches to crossings (these textured surfaces help visually-impaired people identify the approaches);

  • Converting crossings to the latest Puffin type: these have the “red or green man” signals on the same side of the road as the pedestrian (as opposed to the old-style, with signals across the road);

  • Upgrading the Southgate Avenue/Tilgate Way crossing to a ‘Toucan’: a crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists, so “two can” cross.


o help minimise disruption, the project will be split into three phases. Please note: the following dates are entirely provisional and subject to last-minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances, such as severe weather.

  • Southgate Avenue’s junctions with Southgate Drive and Hawth Avenue, 15 July to 13 September

  • Southgate Avenue’s junction with Tilgate Way, 16 September to 1 November

  • The bus gate at the southern end of Southgate Avenue, junction with Brighton Road, 6 to 15 November.

Updates on the project’s progress will be posted on X (formerly Twitter) on the @WSHighways Twitter account. A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “For the safety of both the public and workforce, temporary traffic management will be needed, so, unfortunately, there will be delays. If possible, motorists are advised to seek alternative routes, particularly during peak periods, or allow extra time for their journeys.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this project. Please bear in mind it will lead to long-term improvements, including better traffic flow in the area.”


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