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Strengthening Bonds: Richard Place Dobson's Team Day at The Hawth

Richard Place Dobson (RPD) recently organised a team day at The Hawth to reinforce their

commitment to team growth and continuous improvement. This event blended learning,

reflection, and fun, offering an excellent opportunity for the entire team to engage in

meaningful activities.

The day began with an icebreaker where team members found as many similarities as

possible with their colleagues. This simple activity improved camaraderie and set a positive

tone for the day. Following this, the leadership team presented the latest company updates,

sharing insights into RPD's evolution, including new strategies and initiatives.

A significant part of the morning focused on client feedback, hearing firsthand what clients

appreciate and where improvements are needed. This session allowed the team to reflect on

their services and adapt to better meet client needs.

The afternoon was entertaining, starting with exercises led by Joe Cheal from Imaginarium.

These activities focused on identifying personality types, crucial for effective communication

and teamwork. Joe guided the team through an analysis of opposite personality traits,

highlighting what makes these traits beneficial or challenging for clients. This exercise aimed

to improve the understanding and management of different personality types within the


The team participated in various team-building exercises. These activities, designed to

strengthen the group and provide light-hearted relief, were about having fun and building a

more cohesive team.

The team day at The Hawth was a testament to RPD's core values:

● Being Friendly: Activities created a supportive environment, creating stronger


● Being Proud: Sharing client feedback and celebrating achievements by the team.

● Having Fun: Team-building activities balance work and play, reminding everyone that

enjoying time together is crucial.

Looking ahead, RPD is more committed than ever to delivering exceptional service to clients

and making a positive impact in the community. For more information about RPD's team,

values, or services, please visit their website:


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