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RPD Foundation's survey on Corporate Social Responsibility

The RPD Foundation in Crawley town centre are leading on an initiative reaching out to local businesses and organisations to find out levels of engagement with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and what areas need support to work meaningfully with a charity, via a short survey.

Founded by Richard Place Dobson, a local Accountants in Crawley, the RPD Foundation aims to advise and support charities, not-for-profit organisations, and social enterprise businesses at any stage of their development with financial know-how, strategy, governance, and control advice.

CSR has evolved over the years and has become a big topic with many advantages for charities and corporates. Therefore, the RPD foundation are running this survey to gather information and help partner charities and organisations in a responsible, meaningful way for collective social impact.

Daran Bennett RPD Foundation CEO said;

“There are some great examples of CSR working well, although there is still a void between the Charity and Business Sectors who have so much to offer each other but just don’t know how to engage. We are aiming to bridge that gap and help broker meaningful relationships for collective social impact in the local community”

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts via the survey link at


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