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New heritage sign installed in Crawley High Street

Residents and visitors can discover all about the Historic High Street Conservation Area in Crawley thanks to a new heritage sign in the High Street.

The installation of the new heritage sign by Crawley Borough Council marks the completion of the Town Centre Signage and Wayfinding strategy delivered through the Crawley Growth Programme.

Over the past few years, this strategy has seen signage updated across the town centre, funded by the council, West Sussex County Council and the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership.

The new heritage sign has been installed at the northern edge of the Grand Parade pedestrian way in the High Street, with the old sign in The Well being removed. It is double-sided so can be viewed approaching from the North or South and is wheelchair accessible.

The sign outlines the Historic High Street Conservation Area, including all listed buildings in the area such as The George Hotel and The Brewery Shades, as well as those buildings of historical and architectural interest, such as Grand Parade and Ancient Priors. It also includes drawings and photographs of how many of the buildings originally looked.

The sign has been designed and produced by Wood & Wood and PlaceMarque, with input from the council. It complements the suite of wayfinding totems around the town, whilst being unique and custom-made for the heritage area.

"We have worked in partnership with West Sussex County Council and the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership to update signage in the town centre including recognising the importance of our ‘Historic High Street’ to the town. It’s great to see our new heritage sign in place and we encourage residents and visitors to take a look when they are next in town while visiting the excellent businesses that are located there." Cllr Peter Smith Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development Crawley Borough Council

"It is great to see an effective partnership delivering an important perspective on Crawley’s heritage to inform both residents and visitors to the town. We all want to communicate and reinforce knowledge of that part of Crawley’s history which pre-dates its highly successful evolution as a new town." Bob Lanzer Cabinet Member for the Crawley Growth Programme West Sussex County Council

"The new heritage sign marks the completion of a wider signage and wayfinding project spanning several years, demonstrating how the Crawley Growth Programme is strategically modernising the area. These upgrades will attract new visitors, residents and businesses and will help to deliver our vision of building back smarter, stronger and greener. I’m delighted to see that the programme continues to be a success and I look forward to my next visit." Anthony Middleton Acting Chief Executive Coast to Capital


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