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New Crawley Borough crest brings the Town Hall one step closer to completion

This goes alongside the installation of a new Town Hall sign that happened earlier this month.

The new town hall will:

- Secure the council’s finances through the ability to generate new revenue from commercial office tenants whilst achieving significant savings on the council’s current running costs

- Provide a better, fit-for-purpose building for customers, staff and councillors

- Contribute to achieving the council’s wider ambitions around affordable housing, post-Covid economic recovery, and tackling climate change

- Provide a new public square, public realm improvements, ground floor commercial space for a restaurant/café and district energy centre

Councillor Michael Jones said: “I am delighted to see the Borough crest is now proudly on display next to the entrance to the new Town Hall. Each finishing touch now brings us ever closer to the completion of works, which is tremendously exciting.”

Information on the Crest:

  • Crawley Urban District Council received its coat of arms from the College of Heralds in 1957.

  • After the change to borough status in 1974 a modified coat of arms, based on the original, was awarded in 1976 and presented to the council on 24 March 1977.

  • The cross signifies the importance of Crawley’s position at the junction of the London to Brighton and Horsham to East Grinstead roads.

  • The nine flying martlets are from the traditional arms of the South Saxons.

  • Their gold colour on the blue background gives the Sussex colours and their number suggests the nine neighbourhoods which made up the original New Town.

  • The motto featured is ‘I Grow and I Rejoice’ – a translation of a phrase from the Epistulae of Seneca the Younger – and refers to the building of a happy, expanding community.


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