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Crawley’s new phenomenon - HOUNDS Escape Game Experiences

It's theatrical, it's immersive, it's atmospheric. It is a story unravelling. Your adventure begins when you meet a quirky character on arrival, you will then have 60 minutes to complete the challenges, play the games, solve the puzzles and ultimately reveal the end of the story.

Along the way you’ll discover places you’ve never seen before, full of authentic props and set design as well as creative special effects like smoke, lights, sounds and smells.

For your comfort, the HOUNDS venue features a licensed bar and trendy seating area for players to have tea, coffee or something stronger on arrival and they are welcome to stay in the bar after their game, relax and have a chat with the Games Master.

Their games really are for everyone: families, friends, celebrations, corporate, all ages, all levels of ability, it's just great fun.

When you've done one, they guarantee you’ll be back to play another.

But what about the minds behind it all? Meet Brian, Julie and David. A little family of creative minds that one day decided if we put them all together, we could make something brilliant. So they did just that.

Their cast of games masters is growing so you never know what wacky and wonderful characters you’ll be greeted by when you visit. They can’t wait to meet you, so see them in Queen's Square, Crawley Town Centre


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