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Chubb Insurance support local Crawley charities through their ‘Week of Giving’

Each year Chubb Insurance, who have an office in Crawley Town Centre, hold a ‘Week of Giving’ enabling their staff to use their charity day of leave to go out and volunteer with a local charity.

This year over 100 of their Crawley staff volunteered throughout the week of May 20th with 12 different local charities painting & decorating, gardening, carrying out maintenance work, helping to run foodbanks and helping to run community cafes.

It’s an opportunity for team building for Chubb’s staff outside of their normal daily roles and also a great way for the charities to get all those little jobs done that they’ve been putting off for a while. It’s a win-win for the company, their staff and the charities!

Chubb Insurance, currently located in Ashdown House in Crawley High Street (but soon to move to their new Town Hall ‘Create’ building in the Town), is a global insurance company operating in 54 countries and with multiple regional offices in the UK.

Each year Chubb’s Week of Giving has been growing and it now runs throughout Europe, during the same week, with the aim of getting over 2,000 employees involved.

Supporting local communities through volunteerism is a fundamental component of Chubb’s values and this has been demonstrated over the previous years through the many volunteering activities that have taken place.

Simon Orsborn, Programme Manager & Charity volunteer organiser at Chubb, said “It’s truly amazing the response we had from our staff in Crawley this year; so many of my colleagues signed up and wanted to get involved with the initiative. We have worked with many of the charities before but packing all this in to one week for over one hundred of our staff did take a little bit of organising! It culminated at the end of the week with the Crawley Festival events where we were also able to donate the fifty plus cans we had collected for FreeShop Crawley’s can appeal”.

Dan Hunt, Wings Aviation Museum Trustee with whom the majority of Chubb’s Crawley volunteers went to, said “I must applaud Chubb and their staff for all the work they did at the museum. We had recently acquired a World War II US Army DUKW ‘duck’ amphibious vehicle which they worked on, preparing the canopy rails for paint. This duck boat is a great new addition to our remembrance museum. Chubb’s teams also carried out a lot of painting work, resurfacing our car park and cementing cracks in the museum floor. We are very grateful to Chubb for providing this voluntary work force, it makes such a difference to small charities like us. If you’ve not been to our museum before, please do come and visit us”.

Laura Kelsey, St Mark’s CE Primary School Headteacher, said “Thank you to Chubb for the amazing work you did on this year’s giving day. It has transformed the school’s outside space and we are very grateful. I showed the children after you left, and they were so excited to use the new area outside!”.

Lou Howard, FreeShop Crawley Operations Manager, said “Thank you so much to your team that joined us on the Wednesday, and it was great to see you last Saturday for our can campaign”.

David Palmer, 4th Worth Scouts, said “Chubb did such a lot of good work for all of the organisations. Just sooo inspiring”.

The charities that Chubb volunteered at were: Wings Aviation Museum, Crawley Open House, Air Ambulance at Redhill Aerodrome, St Catherine's Hospice, New Barn School, Horsham Matters, FreeShop Crawley, AgeUK, Worth Scouts, Salfords Cricket Ground, St Mark's CofE Primary School.

If you too would like to volunteer at any of these organisations, or even make a donation to them, please get in contact with them:

Wings Aviation Museum volunteers for Chubb Insurance


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