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Best Bar None - Old Punch Bowl

Best Bar None helps customers to identify well-run pubs, bars, clubs and other businesses that serve alcohol.

Supported by the Home Office, the drinks and hospitality industries, the accreditation assesses against four themes.

Best Bar None accreditation is awarded to a business after successfully completing an extensive assessment.

This assessment not only looks at the cleanliness of the premises, or what their policies are on preventing over service, but delves deeply into more than just their duty of care and marks them up on having things like a dedicated mental health first aider, a Safe Space, or a customer and community care ethic that goes above and beyond what is required.

It isn’t an easy accreditation and the fact that the Old Punch Bowl is the first to pass, and with flying colours, shows their exemplary standards.

If you would like your venue to be accredited under the Best Bar None scheme then please contact the office.


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