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Crawley Town Centre BID

68% of businesses in Crawley Town Centre that voted were in favour of a new Business Improvement District (BID). This should mean in excess of £2.25m being invested in the town centre up until March 2025 and hopefully beyond.


In these unprecedented times, it’s vital now, more than ever before, to look to support all town centre businesses and to work together to bring new investment, new occupiers, new customers and shoppers to the Crawley town centre.


The Crawley Town Centre BID is intending to have an immediate positive impact on the area, with the (re)introduction of  BID Street Ambassadors, who will build relationships with businesses and retailers, help to tackle on-street issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour and work hard to create a safer Town Centre for shoppers, visitors, businesses, their employees and it’s growing number of residents.


Improvement to CCTV, exclusive offers to the business and professional sector, new website and social media promotions to promote the Crawley town centre as a shopping and business destination and more will be launched in the near future.


Requests for levy payments are being sent to levy payers in the Crawley town centre area in the next few days. We appreciate and understand the impact that a BID levy has financially on a business, however relative to cost there will be huge benefits to the local area and to your business from your Business Improvement District. Prompt payment of the levy will ensure the BID can start to action the priorities identified by businesses as detailed in the BID Business Plan.


What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

A BID offers an opportunity for local businesses to have a say in the future of their town centre. 

315 BIDs
in the UK

Levy Rates mostly 1%-2%
of Rateable Value (RV)

Total BID Funding 

Success Ballot 97%

Total Hereditaments Circa 120,000

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What will the Crawley Town Centre BID deliver?


Safer environment

1. Introduce Street Ambassadors 

To build a relationship with businesses to tackle on-street issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour.

2. Improved CCTV coverage 

Increase CCTV coverage and visibility.

3. Lobby for more police in town centre 

Take an active role in speaking on behalf of businesses who would like increased police presence.

4. Work towards Best Bar None Scheme

Help night time economy venues to work towards better safety and national recognition.

Showcasing the offer 


1. Consumer website 

With a dedicated visitor website we will showcase Crawley’s recreational offerings by promoting local events and offers in the area.

2. Dedicated social media 

Establish a strong social media presence to help promote Crawley as a regional destination to consumers.

3. Exclusive offers to the office and professional sector 

Create a sense of loyalty to employees in the area through bespoke offers and discounts.


1. Family focused events 

Work with local partners and businesses to deliver fun, family-focused events.

2. Food and Farmer’s markets 

Bring a Food and Farmer’s market to Queensway and the Historic High Street to draw dwell-time and enliven the town.

3. A year long calendar of events 

Raise communication about local events happening in the town centre to increase business participation.



1. Accessibility campaigns 

Showcasing the best that Crawley has to offer compared to neighbouring town centres.

2. Business networking 

Hosting a number of networking opportunities for businesses to ensure they feel connected to their town centre.


Amongst the views of the business community in Crawley was an overall desire to see an improved town centre. Enabling a safer environment, showcasing the town’s offer, creating opportunities for enlivenment and better connecting businesses to the town centre would help achieve this key aspiration. The impact of both businesses and visitors having the opinion of Crawley as an improved town would also complement wider opportunities.


Thank you for your support so far!

If you would like to find out more information please get in touch with us on info@crawleytowncentrebid.co.uk